New year, new me

Hello fellow readers!

So, it’s 2017. Yay! No, really, there’s absolutely no sarcasm (for once) behind that yay. 2016 was not only crappy for the world, but on a personal note as well. Okay, maybe that isn’t entirely accurate. It was more a general feeling of ennui. Mainly for what I wanted to accomplish with my writing.

For example, this was the first year I attempted Nanowrimo, and I pretty much failed spectacularly! Oh, no, please, hold your applause for later 😉 November ended up a busy month and I don’t have any excuse because I know that if I really wanted it, I would have made it happen. But I didn’t. Oh well. So, what? It’s not like there’s a rule that says you can only write a novel during November. Really it’s more of a formality to get you started.

I also took part in NYCMidnight’s flash fiction contest. I was close to advancing to the third round, but fell short by a few points. I was slightly disappointed in myself, but like Nano, it was a learning experience. Having 48 hours to write less than 1,000 words while utilizing random objects and – at times – unfamiliar genres is definitely a way to get your creative juices flowing.

Lastly, my reading was abysmal for 2016. I started out setting my goodreads challenge for 20 books…and then 15…and then 10…and I rounded out the year with six books. Meh. I know, I know, but I was in a massive book slump. It started to pick up around summer when I read The Forgetting Time and Still Alice, and then it dwindled.

So, this begs the question, what do y’all do when you’re in a book slump/funk? How do you get yourself reacquainted with reading?

Anyway, I plan to do much better this year. More books, more reviews!


Until then,

-That Media Chick

P.S. Happy New Year


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