Poem #4


Heart racing,

Can’t get it under control;

Stomach hurting,

Feeling like a stranger has inhabited my body.


Trips to doctors,

One has a PhD and the other an MD;

Talking, endless talking,

The need to figure out why I am this way.


Passed down through the family?

Thanks, but no thanks;

This is a gift I’ll be returning,

My mind is never asleep.


Endless worry,

Consuming doubt;

The memories span years,

How sad it must have been for me as a child to be plagued with such fear.


It’s not something you talk about,

Too much stigma attached;

Ironic, since “normal” has never really existed,

And yet, nobody wants to be “crazy.”


Respite would be nice,

A way to escape;

But when what you want to escape is your mind,

That trip is a much harder one to take



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